Make a great first impression before your video calls!

Share an easy to remember, bookmark friendly url and greet your guests with a custom meeting landing page.

Say hello! Provide instructions, or ask questions to meeting members!

Start your meeting off on the right foot. Provide a greeting or ask relevant questions of your guests before you meet and have the answers delivered to you via email or available to you in your dashboard.

With Meetmonic, you can provide your guests:

  • Easy to remember & bookmark safe URL to join your meetings.
  • Password protect your meetings.
  • Switch between zoom, google meet, or other video conference software you can access on the web.
Preview of Meeting

History of your meetings at your fingertips.

Each time someone joins your meeting you'll get a record of who is joining, and the answer to your question via email.
Your records will be available in your dashboard, or opt into getting email notifications.

Customer profile user interface

Meetmonic is currenly free for everyone!

We may one day charge for meetings.

But for now we'd love your support via stripe or Buy Me A Coffee

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Choose between free, simple or professional links and add questions if you'd like!

Features includes:

  • Get email alerts when guests join your meetings.
  • Enable or disable your meeting link at any time.
  • Choose between different profile templates.
  • Customize your greeting, title and call to action.
  • Password protect your meeting profile if required.
  • Ask questions of your guests joining your meeting and mark them optional or required.
  • Change your meeting destination at any time.
  • View history and keep notes of sessions